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Alyssa M. Vu, LCSW

Alyssa Vu (pronouns: she/her/herself) is the lead therapist of YourPlace. She works primarily with adolescents, adults, couples, and families who experience anxiety, depression, or trauma in their lives. After graduating from Columbia University with her Master in Social Work, Alyssa has worked in the Bay Area and in New York City in a number of community-based settings with a variety of populations. As a second-generation Asian-American, she works closely with children of immigrants to process and cope with the struggles that they face, including identity and cultural challenges, familial obligations, and improving clients' sense of self.  She currently is a candidate for the Doctorate of Clinical Social Work at the University of Pennsylvania, where her focus is on interventions between immigrant parents and their children to reduce mental health issues. 

For potential LMSW supervisees or students who are interested in supervision, feel free to contact Alyssa through the contact page to receive a copy of her CV

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